• Myr Bacun

    Myr Bacun

    CEO, Linkedin expert, experimentator of life:) Helping others to build their businesses from nothing & to skyrocket with Linkedin. www.mirnabacun.com

  • Mark Wilhelmsson

    Mark Wilhelmsson

  • Chet Zeiger

    Chet Zeiger

    Entrepreneur and lifelong learner. Founder of QiBo Wellness at: www.qibowellness.com

  • Chih-Yu Hsu

    Chih-Yu Hsu

  • Christina Castaneda

    Christina Castaneda

  • Anthony Thompson

    Anthony Thompson

    Creating a New Standard of Human Possibility through Accessing inner joy, intelligence, love and wisdom.

  • Lisa May

    Lisa May

    Founder of Elevated Nomad. Guiding individuals to upgrade their lives with remote life & work. www.elevatednomad.com

  • Markus Korenjak

    Markus Korenjak

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